I’ve got no idea where Yaroslavl is.  But this is it’s national flag.

You’ve gotta’ admire an axe-wielding bear.

Especially when it’s gieing it the whole, “Haw you!” with it’s paw and the ‘thousand yard stare’ with it’s eyes.



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One Response to “Yaroslavl”

  1. julieinrussia Says:

    Yaroslavl is a Russian city about 4 hours north of Moscow. This is the city flag, not a national flag.

    The city is named for Prince Yaroslav (Yaroslav the Wise), who built a fortress on the site and conquered the native tribes. According to legend, the prince killed a bear, the natives’ sacred animal. Consequently, the city’s symbol is a silver shield depicting a bear holding a pole-axe in its left paw.

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