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April 28, 2008

Theres a new word for you.  ‘Smugby’.  You know, like a cross between a typical rugby fan ‘n a smug cunt.

i.e. “Check oot that cunt ‘aer there!  He looks a right twat.  Wae ‘his England rugby shirt ‘n ‘his mad smug coupin’.  He looks a right cunt.  Reeks’ ae smugness.  If only a’ hid a word fur it?”

Well, despair no more.  ‘Smugby’.  There you go.  And if you need an image to go with this new word….?




April 13, 2008

Saw a guy this morning wearing shades.  Even though the weather didn’t merit it.  So, why was he wearing shades?  Aye, that’s right.

‘Cos he was a cunt