April 11, 2008

I’ve got no idea where Yaroslavl is.  But this is it’s national flag.

You’ve gotta’ admire an axe-wielding bear.

Especially when it’s gieing it the whole, “Haw you!” with it’s paw and the ‘thousand yard stare’ with it’s eyes.




April 11, 2008

Frog and a toad walking along the road.

The toad’s baws faw’ aff.

Frog goes, “Haw, d’ye want yer baws toad?”



April 11, 2008

Why was the prisoner lonely?

‘Cos he wis in his ‘cell


Rio Ferdinand

April 11, 2008

Wit is it wae Rio Ferdinand, eh?  I mean, wit is it?  Everytime ye see the cunt, he’s up oan somebodies’ shoulders, celebrating a goal he didnae score.  Wit a prick.


The United Nations

April 11, 2008

Boutros Boutros “So Good They Named Him Twice” Ghali, and that guy John Kofi, from the movie The Green Mile.


Frank Lampard

April 11, 2008

Fat Frank.  He even has that smug “I’ve just scored 4 goals against Derby” look about him.


Lest We Forget

April 10, 2008

The hunners ‘n hunners ‘ae of plastic frogmen who have melted for their city.

The Naked Gun

April 7, 2008

                                                                                                                                                               Classic noir thriller, in which Leslie Nielsen gives the performance of a lifetime as Lieutenant Frank Drebin, a Los Angeles police officer assigned to protect Queen Elizabeth II from assassination by businessman Vincent Ludwig. It features the heart-wrenching tale of one man’s struggle to serve and protect, the colleagues on whom he relies, and ultimately, those who betray him. There is a touching performance by Tony Brafa, playing the role of renowned opera singer, Enrico Pallazzo, and Prescilla Presley gives the performance of a lifetime as the beautiful Jane Spencer.

Featuring the stunning cinematography of Robert Stevens, and the memorable original score by Ira Newborn, David Zucker’s masterpiece The Naked Gun is set in 1980s Los Angeles and centres on Lieutenant Frank Drebin of Police Squad, a division of the Los Angeles Police Department. Drebin has just returned from vacation in Beirut to discover that his partner, and best friend, Detective Nordberg (played masterfully by O. J. Simpson) has been gunned down during a undercover operation.

Drebin’s investigation into Nordberg’s attempted murder leads him to become suspicious of well-respected businessman, Vincent Ludwig and he eventually discovers Ludwig’s plans to brainwash a baseball player with a mind control device, and assassinate Queen Elizabeth II who is visiting Los Angeles as part of her state visit to the US.

Dark, insightful, and at times painful, Zucker’s piece is never far away from touching the true nature of one man’s love for his friend. Presely is resplendent as Jane Spencer, Ludwig’s assistant and eventual accomplice to Drebin in thwarting the assassination attempt. The pair become lovers, and eventually, engaged to be married as the piece reaches it’s tension-filled finale.


Mental squirrel

April 7, 2008

“Moan then!”


Shop sign

April 7, 2008

The mind boggles.  So it does.


Arran Sweaters

April 7, 2008

Aye no wonder ye look embarrassed.



April 7, 2008

A guy called “Randy” and a guy called “Duffoo”.  “Go ahead and make your move!”  Dirty Harry would have loved it.  Brilliant.



April 7, 2008

“Hey owfficer!  Owfficer!  Can I get a cwup o’ cwaffee?”


Bum Bag

April 7, 2008

Watch yourself over there.  They call a bum a “fanny”.



April 7, 2008

The Good Friday Agreement has hit those boys hard.  They’re giving away their services for free now.  Sad.  Very sad.


St. Paddy’s Day gaff

April 7, 2008

Colum Eagan.  He might be a master distiller,  but he’s a total dick when it comes to spelling “Paddy’s” correctly.



April 7, 2008

I mean “Hot Diggity Dog!”.  And an American flag.  All in the one picture.  Wit a fucking cliché!



April 7, 2008

Wit a swagger.  Wit an attitute.  Gallus pigeon.  Stoatin’ oot a shoap.  Disnae gie a fuck.